Week 1
English in Business

1. Explaining how the class works:

Class Periods:

1. Explaining how Newsactivist works with Gabe Flacks

2. Using Google Drive

3. Grammar Reflections

4.  Meeting with our partners at Cégep de Jonquière at 2:45 PM.

5. Final Project

Lab Period:

1. Sign up in your group on Newsactivist.com

2. Complete your Week 1 online questionnaire: Click here to take survey

3. Define the term ‘Ethical Business’ from your work with your partners on Google Drive. You can use material on the Corporate Knights website: http://www.corporateknights.com/ or any other site that you find convenient. Do NOT cut and paste text from these websites. Link here to access your team's Google Drive document.

Link your definition to a story in Corporate Knights or another media which illustrates an ethical business and describe why it fits your definition that your partners may have read. Consider what you are doing as a draft which should be done on Google Drive. You will complete this assignment by making a post on NewsActivist. See the homework assignment below.

1. Complete: Doodle for Grammar Reflection Presentation.

2. Read:The Importance of Integrity” by Harvey Schachter

 Write: Comment about this article and your definition of an ethical business and post on NewsActivist.


 Comment: Use Word Spellcheck and Grammarly Lite, which you can download in your browser as an addon, to correct your entry on Ethical Business and then write a comment to your own post about which errors you found in your own writing using these grammar correctors.

Due date: This project is due on February 14. Happy Valentine's Day!


Grading rubric for this writing assignment:

3 points - How well did you collaborate on the Google Drive document being done in teams with Cégep de Jonquière?
1 point - Did you introduce yourself?
1 point - Did you mention an article about business ethics in Corporate Knights?
2 points - Did you define the term "ethical business"?
2 points - Did you explain why a business that you describe fits your definition of an ethical business?
3 points - Did you explain the article by Harvey Shacter and make some sort of link between it and the business you are describing?
3 points - Did you comment about the feedback you got on grammar from the diagnostic test and from virtualwriting tutor?

Total 15 points as a writing assignment. It will count as one of the assignments for the 15% part of the grade for Written Text Content.

3. If there is a pretest for grammar this week, I'll send you a MIO. That will count as part of the 10% of the grade for grammar quizzes.

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