Week 2
English in Business

Before we get serious!

Class Periods:

Grammarly Light is a great way to check grammar on your posts in Newsactivist.

Avrum Goldman Portrait with link to presentation
We will be listening to a presentation by Avrum Goldman of the firm Pratt and Whitney.

Defining Ethical Business.

His presentation on Ethics and Large Corporations is linked to his photo at left.

Link here to a list of teams including your schedule of online meetings to discuss this presentation. From your team sheet you can access your worksheet to discuss ethics with your partners.

Lab Period:

1. Finalize grammar homework presentation schedule.

2. Work on your Ethics Questionnaire with your team members in Jonquière and post your essay on NewsActivist as explained in Week 1.

3. Evaluation Grid for Discussion on Avrum Goldman Presentation:

If you are absent, link here to your schedule for conferences. You can link on to the discussion from the address on the schedule outside of class. Write your name and group as a guest. The moderator will admit you.


The presentation should follow the Outline below with few exceptions. It should develop its information in detail, presenting various facts and then synthesizing these statements into a conclusion to advance a theme of the presentation.
• Introduce yourselves!
• Discuss your reactions to the presentation.
• Did you feel the speaker was well prepared?
• How did the information presented agree with your own opinions about ethics in business?
• What do you feel wasn’t discussed that should have been?
• What questions did you want to ask but didn’t and how do you think Avrum Goldman would have responded?
• What did you learn from this presentation that you you could use to explain why you chose to study business?
• Make a conclusion!

10 points


Language of presentation must be appropriate to topic -
• The presentation must have the tone of a semi-formal presentation to an audience, being the class including the professor. First person references should be limited to personal experiences avoiding personal opinions where possible.
• Vocabulary must be appropriate to topic.

10 points


You must demonstrate confidence in your knowledge of the material -
Avoid unnecessary gaps in the presentation. Avoid filler words like 'uh'. Your cadence should be comfortable, and you should sound assured with an inflection that states facts and asks few questions except as rhetorical devices.

10 points
Total 30 points


1. Newsactivist Post: Complete your post on NewsActivist from Week 1. Grammarly Light is a great way to check grammar on your posts in Newsactivist.

If your last English course was at level 101, write 150 words.
If your last course was at level 102, write 250 words.
If your last course was at level 103, write at least 250 words.

2. Make a comment about one of the posts in Newsactivist! Don't make a new topic for this but make another post in the existing topic. 

3. Grammar Exercise: During the week I will MIO you a link to a grammar quiz suggested by the topic of next week's grammar presentation. You must do the presentation before you come to class next Monday. Your grade will count as part of the 10% for Grammar Quizzes.

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